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Four Opportunities to Reduce Expenses

The decision to reduce or eliminate expenses for a company leader is never easy nor pleasant.  There are many reasons.  One, reducing expenses forces a decision and an important decision requires analysis which requires time for thought.  Particularly in a growing business, time is precious.  In this fight for time and attention, deep thought often takes a back seat which is a huge mistake. …

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Apr 6Danny Windsor

Prepare for Inflection Points

Apr 6Danny Windsor

3931064671_521c6c00b9_mBaseball season has started.  There is always excitement in the air on opening day as each team begins their long 162 game season with the goal of making the playoffs in the fall, and eventually winning the World Series.  The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, but this is the year that many believe the Cubs will break that long 107 year streak. …

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When You Come To A Fork In The Road,Take It


I loved Yogi Berra.  Not for his Hall of Fame career as a Yankee catcher but for his uncanny ability to capture deep wisdom in seemingly fractured phrases: his well-known Yogi-isms.

You Have To Make A Decision, But…

When I think about common challenges faced by private business owners, one of Yogi’s most oft-quoted sayings comes to mind: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” As silly as this statement seems, it can be solid advice. …

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Not Selling? Three Things You Need to Always Do

The statistics and trends indicate that during the next several years an unprecedented number of companies will enter the market to sell.  This phenomenon is anticipated as a result of  Baby Boomer owned companies, and we have well documented these statistics in our book, The Exit Strategy Handbook.  In that book,  we state that the annual number of companies boomers will put on the market will average 378,000 compared to an historical average of 24,500(Mills, p.36). …

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How Large is your Gap?

3568557961_2a4a242135_mOne of my main goals as I work with my clients is to assist them in having positive cash flow and becoming cash rich.  Companies that are cash rich are prepared for virtually all unexpected crises and strong economic downturns.  Make no mistake, there are continual cycles in the economy and the next severe downturn could be just around the corner. …

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