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There seems to be a constant barrage of news concerning Millennials, and how to effectively market and interact with this group.  I have read articles and attended a seminar with the stated purpose of learning how to market effectively to this class of individuals.  The Millennials are usually defined as those individuals born between the mid-1980s to the early 2000s.  While the Millennial generation was indeed brought up in a unique era, the same can be said for every generation.  There is no doubt that there are different marketing tactics that work better with these different classes; however, in my work with business owners and influencers across all spectrums, the following actions always work and earn the trust of others.…

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Mar 5Randy Scherer

Who Will Buy My Business?

Mar 5Randy Scherer

According to Dan Hammaker of Axial, there are six major groups of buyers for any business.  These include:  1)  strategic buyers,  2)  private equity,  3)  family office,  4)  holding companies,  5)  search funds, and 6) your employees.  Click here to learn more about these six types of buyers and the characteristics of each type.

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Staying in Control

8425681174_733c35e56f_mRecently here in middle Tennessee, we have had a tremendous amount of cold weather that has been accompanied by icy conditions.  Those who have moved here from the north, where they are used to these type of conditions in winter, are often taken back by the traffic problems created by this severe weather.  Drivers appear out of control as they attempt to navigate the streets resulting in a multitude of traffic accidents.  Losing control of one’s car on a sheet of ice is a terrible feeling because you are not in charge of the direction of your vehicle.  Outside forces have taken control and the eventual destination is not up to you.  Webster defines control as, “to direct the actions or function of (something): to cause (something) to act or function in a certain way (Merriam-Webster On-Line Dictionary).”

In the beginning stages of my work with business owners, I have seen companies that were in control and those who were out of control.  Those companies who are operating out of control are not in charge of their destiny and if control is not restored can end up in a terrible situation.  It is impressive to observe a company that is in control.  These controlled companies generally have the following characteristics.…

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How To Avoid Employee Fraud

During the last three months, numerous cases of employee fraud have come to my attention.  These cases range from a small security firm to a large Fortune 500 corporation. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, “the median loss amounted to $145,000 and the frauds lasted a median of 18 months before being detected.…

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10 Key Considerations Other Than The Purchase Price

When someone offers to buy your business, everyone automatically focuses on the price; however, there are many other factors to consider. Peter Lehrman of Axial points out ten other factors you should consider including:  1)  Method of payment, 2)  Adjustments to the purchase price, 3)  Earn-out considerations, and 4) Taxes.    One key component Mr.…

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