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Going Bowling

For college football fans this is the time of the year when the various committees select teams to compete in the different bowl games played throughout the country.  It is an exciting time for fans, players, and coaches.  It represents the achievement of goals for many of the teams and serves as a reward for a long, competitive , and strenuous season.…

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Nov 29Jeff Howell

What’s Cash Got To Do With It?

Nov 29Jeff Howell

The concept of cash flow is often one of the most difficult concepts for small-business owners and entrepreneurs to grasp. Frequently, they focus only on revenue and profits, and while both of these are important, overlooking the amount of cash available is a bit like trying to balance a tripod that has only two legs.…

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Pointed into the wind


While I was on a recent trip to the beach, a natural phenomenon grabbed my attention: seagulls up and down the beach all standing in the sand facing into the wind.

It doesn’t take a degree in biology or aeronautical engineering to understand why. This posture enables a seagull to become airborne quickly should a threat arise or food appear. …

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Basic Rules of Cash

At the top of every business owners’ priority list should be the accumulation and preservation of cash.  When cash is a top priority it acts as a safety net for unexpected events, provides additional options for business decisions that may not otherwise be available, and the best incentive is the peace of mind it gives to the business owner.   …

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Sales Quality

Three areas for sales quality

Company A and Company B currently have identical sales numbers.  However, there is a big difference in having equal sales from a numbers standpoint and what the quality of those sales are to each business.  The quality of the sales is much more important to the financial strength of the business and the potential value. …

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