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Feb 9Danny Windsor

A Quality Found in Winners

Feb 9Danny Windsor

5663338134_08f94d00ff_mDavid Crockett was visiting New York.  On his visit to City Hall he was introduced to the mayor of the city and was told that he had been a tanner.  Concerning this Crockett wrote, “that pleased me; for I thought both him and me had clumb up a long way from where we had started:  and it is truly said, ‘Honor and fame from no condition rise.’  It’s the grit(emphasis mine) of a fellow that makes the man(Crockett, p.181-182).”

Webster’s on-line dictionary defines grit as , “mental toughness and courage, firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.”  Certainly in his own life Crockett greatly exhibited this quality eventually even dying for the cause of independence at The Alamo. …

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Is your Business in Shape?

The Green Bay Packers had struggled  for several years to have a decent season, and in 1958 the worst season in their history ended in 1-10-1.   Vince Lombardi was hired as the new head coach in early 1959 in an attempt to change the direction of the Packers from a yearly embarrassment to a winner. …

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Making the Complex Simple

Many years ago a business colleague of mind made a statement that all business is actually very simple.  At the time I had not nearly as much experience that I now have; however, his statement did not seem accurate to me.  Now, after many years of experience and working with many different companies in various industries, I know that his statement was inaccurate. …

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Prepare for Uncertainty

This is the time of year when many individuals set new goals for the upcoming year.  Smart companies have already been planning for 2016 carefully and have finalized or are in the process of finalizing their forecasts.  I am a huge believer in setting goals and action plans to achieve those goals. …

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Your Destination Is On The Left (?)

The snow is falling thick and heavy. Following a semi on the interstate, I can barely see 20 feet in front of my windshield, which keeps freezing up. My son is tracking our progress on the GPS, and finally we reach our exit.

Then things get interesting. GPS directs me to travel a mile and turn left on a snow-covered road running parallel to the municipal airport runway.…

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