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Nov 17Jeff Howell

Award Winning Author and Inc. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large Bo Burlingham to Keynote B2B CFO’s Annual Meeting

Nov 17Jeff Howell

MESA, Ariz. [November 5, 2015] – B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO and Exit Strategies firm for privately held businesses, announced today that award winning author and Inc. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large, Bo Burlingham will keynote the National Partners Meeting to be held April 28-30, 2016.

The invitation-only annual event that brings together all of B2B CFO’s Partners from across the country along with sponsors and special guests will be hosted at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.…

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A 1% Improvement

4516000281_d446cff9a3_mContinuous improvement is the key to becoming more efficient and successful in business and in life.  Sometimes, the ideal we desire to achieve seems almost impossible when we consider the totality of improvement necessary to reach the goal.  However, let me ask a question to consider.  Is it possible to improve by 1%? …

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Goals to Increase Value

Brian Tracy said, “Your goals are the measurable objectives you must attain to fulfill your mission and purpose and realize your vision.  They are the targets you aim at.  Each goal must include performance measures, or benchmarks.  These numbers allow you to clearly determine whether you are moving closer to your goals or further away(Tracy, p.…

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Know Your Numbers

I was recently watching a video of a speech given by Marcus Lemonis, known for his appearances on CNBC’s, The Profit.  In this show, Lemonis assists companies who are struggling and need help,  often putting his own money into the business.  If you have watched any of the episodes of The Profit, you know that Lemonis has very little tolerance for a company leader who does not know his numbers. …

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Baby Boomer Business Sale – Will Good Fortune Continue?

A recent online article from The New York Times about the successful sale of a Baby Boomer-owned business reads as a textbook example of a successful transition. Yet a lot of what “went right” happened because of highly favorable market conditions that won’t continue indefinitely.

Baby Boomers Ready to Sell to the Next Generation

The article tells of three long-time owners of Bimac Corporation who had successfully built their Dayton, Ohio-based business over nearly 30 years and were considering what an exit would look like. …

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