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Aug 4Danny Windsor

A Continuous Struggle

Aug 4Danny Windsor

Running a successful company is a continuous struggle.  I was recently reading an article in Inc. in which Robert Herjavec stated on running a great business, “there’s no point that you get to and say, ‘Aha! I have arrived.’  Shark Tank has taught me that any business is a continuous uphill battle( Herjavec, p.41).”

This is true of anything in life that is worth achieving. …

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Each Owner is Unique

Stand Out

Our firm believes each owner of a privately held business is unique.  This affirmation is found on our website and at the bottom of my monthly newsletters.  I have come to understand this uniqueness from a much deeper level in my years of working with this firm in having the privilege to serve business leaders from many different industries and backgrounds. …

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Having Reliable Maps: Essential for Navigating the Business Journey

Navigation like a gondolier?
Navigation for business owners: gondoliers plying the familiar waters of Venice or travelers driving in a foreign land?

“The first rule of Italian driving is that what’s behind you doesn’t matter.”

I learned this rule in 1976 from Raul Julia’s character in the movie Gumball Rally, and it came back to me often on my recent 10-day driving tour of northern Italy with my son. …

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Jul 4Danny Windsor

The Value of Attention

Jul 4Danny Windsor

A recent article in CGMA Magazine focused on the growing emphasis that owners of companies should share information with their employees.  It appears that those companies that share information are achieving better financial results and growing the values of their business.  In providing evidence for this advice, the article showed how employee-owned companies performed better. …

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Jul 1Randy Scherer

Happy After You Exit Your Business? Why or Why Not?

Jul 1Randy Scherer
Happy after you exit your business? Why or why not?
money swapWe recently had the opportunity to listen to Bo Burlingham speak on his recent book Finish Big at our B2B CFO® annual conference.  He had very interesting insights into what makes a successful transition and why many sellers are bitter and/or unhappy with the process or outcome of their business transition. 

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