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7 Steps to More Cash

There are many intangible things in life that business owners value highly. Among them are freedom, having options and peace of mind. Having sufficient cash can assist greatly in obtaining these intangible treasures. Here are seven suggestions to having more cash. As CEO I know that you do not have time but make sure someone in your company is giving sufficient attention to each of these areas.…

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Memphis Entrepreneur Seeking to Become Latest Earthrounder

Earthrounders is the name of the group of fewer than 200 people that have successfully completed an around-the-world flight in a single-engine airplane. Memphis entrepreneur Wei Chen will attempt to join the group as the first Chinese member beginning May 23 when he climbs into his Socata TBM 700 to begin a 69 day journey to promote Memphis’ tourism and business opportunities as well as raise money for St.…

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