Month: June 2011

The Ultimate Goal of Every Business Owner

I think I am safe in saying that the ultimate goal of every business owner is to one day either sell their company for a maximum amount of cash or to pass on their company to family members or others.  Therefore, the top priority each year of a company’s existence is to consistently do those… Read more »

Wei Around the World Update 2

Since we last checked in with Wei Chen and “The Memphis Wei”, the Memphis entrepreneur has progressed nicely on his journey around the world making stops in: Dundee City, Scotland;Bournemouth, England; Paris, France; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Milan and Rome, Italy; Athens, Greece; Limassol, Cyprus; Dubai, UAE; Muscat, Oman; Kolkata, India and, arriving on 6/28… Read more »

Seed Hatchery Completes First Class of Startups

Seed Hatchery is a membership-driven seed stage investment program established in Memphis in December 2010 by Vic Gatto of the Solidus Company (an investment firm specializing in seed and early-stage investing), Eric Mathews of LaunchMemphis and Gwin Scott of EmergeMemphis. The organization supports emerging technology entrepreneurs with $15,000 in capital and strategic mentors to sharpen… Read more »

The Economy – Double Dip?

The economic news lately has taken a turn for the worse. The unemployment rate is up, retail sales are down and consumer sentiment is headed in the same direction, there seems to be no bottom to the housing market and the Dow is is coming off of its worst week since last August. What gives?

Breaking Through to the Next Level

Companies that have survived the start-up period and that are now growing profitability have obviously been doing many things right to get to this stage. At a certain period of growth every business will reach a critical juncture that will determine if they can breakthrough to another level (if they so choose) and continue their… Read more »

Wei Around the World Update

Nine days into his quest to fly around the world, Wei Chen has made it to Paris while facing only minor challenges along the way. Leaving Memphis on Sunday, May 22 in his single engine plane, The Memphis Wei, the first stop on the long journey was Washington DC. After an overnight layover, it was… Read more »