Month: July 2011

Measure the Details and Grow

In my last corporate position I had the pleasure of working for the North America division of an international manufacturer.  This division grew from 17 million in annual sales to over 100 million in a ten year period.  I learned much from the President of the North America division.  One of the most important things… Read more »

Wei Around the World Update # 3

Wei Chen, aborad “The Memphis Wei”, has turned the corner and is headed for home in his quest to be the first Chinese citizen to circle the globe in a single engine plane. Since our last update, Chen has made stops in Vientiane, Laos (6/30), Hong Kong (7/3), Changsha (Chen’s Birthplace) (7/7), Xian (7/10), Beijing (7/11) and Harbin… Read more »