Month: April 2012

Something of Real Value

When we think about value we usually think about it in terms of worth or importance to us.  This can have different connotations depending on what area of life we have in mind.  For example, on a personal note, quality time spent with my family is of the utmost value to me.  In business, helping… Read more »

Nine Rules for Obtaining Growth Financing

Whether it’s the entrepreneur looking for start-up capital, the owner of the small business looking for growth capital, the CEO looking for acquisition capital, or the company founder looking to recapitalize for an eventual exit, there are certain rules which, if followed, will dramatically increase the likelihood of success. Many of these rules may seem… Read more »

Working Capital Problems

  Working Capital Problems? Here Are 8 Signs That You Need To Watch Does your business have working capital problems? Let’s take a look at what working capital involves. Basically working capital falls into four main areas. These are: Cash Accounts Receivable Inventories Accounts Payable Most companies would say “yes, they have a problem in… Read more »