Month: August 2012


Don’t you appreciate people who are consistent?  When I refer to people who are consistent I mean they are the same every time you are around them.  Qualities like their friendliness, values, and outlook do not change with every interaction.  You can rely upon them and trust them.  Companies that remain consistent in certain areas… Read more »

Who’s Minding the Store?

My most recent newsletter contains an article about employee theft. While it is a problem virtually as old as mankind, certain conditions contribute to a higher likelihood of theft by employees. Of course political and macro-economic influences may come into play, but at the company level it’s usually a case of need meeting opportunity. I’ve… Read more »

The Power of Focus

Watching the Olympics has caused me to once again see and understand the power of focus.  By focus I mean concentrated attention and effort to the task at hand.  Every athlete in the Olympics is there because they focused daily in the essential preparatory activities needed to ensure their selection to the team.  It is… Read more »