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Thankfulness and Your Company's Success

Though we should be thankful for our blessings daily, it is at this time of the year when we are especially reminded of just how grateful we should be because we truly have so much.  Thankfulness is such an admirable quality in an individual and I believe one of the reasons is that a thankful person never takes any blessing for granted.  …

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Saban's Playbook

The current very successful coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Nick Saban, said the following in his Louisiana State defensive playbook when he was the coach at LSU.

“We will be alert and aggressive and take advantage of every opportunity to come up with the ball…The trademark of our defense will be effort, toughness, and no mental mistakes regarding score or situation in any game (Brown, 2012, p.96).”

I want to comment on six words or phrases grouping them in groups of threes because they are interrelated. …

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