Month: April 2013

5 Common Small Business Challenges

In working with small growing entrepreneurial businesses, I have discovered several common financial related issues with which the businesses and their owners struggle. All of these issues are critical to their success in managing and growing their businesses. The good news is that with time and focus they can be rectified. In no particular order, here… Read more »


In just a few days I will be attending our firm’s annual conference in Anaheim, California.  We will be focusing much of our attention on Exit Strategies, and what we can do to help our clients develop solid strategies that help them to exit their companies successfully, on their terms, and achieving their goals. According… Read more »

The Strategy Implementation™ – Third Step in The GamePlan™

This is the third in a series of articles explaining our six-step process, The GamePlan™. We use this process to help small to medium privately owned businesses achieve a higher level of success.   The Strategy Implementation™ begins immediately after The Strategy Process™ and consists of four  important parts: Begin the implementation of the items agreed… Read more »

Have you Reviewed Your Financial Statements?

Several weeks ago, I was meeting with one of my clients with the first item of priority being a review of their most recent financial statements.  Prior to the meeting the owner had actually contacted me with a concern that cash seemed to be too low considering the recent business level.  Prior to meeting with… Read more »