Month: November 2013

Where Do I Begin?

Tomorrow is the national US holiday that has been set aside known as Thanksgiving Day.  When I think of all the things I have to be thankful for, it overwhelms me and I simply do not know where to begin.  Of course I could take a year listing my blessings and I would still only… Read more »

The Key to Your Company’s Value

Ultimately, the overall, overriding goal of most every business owner is to increase their company’s value for an eventual successful exit.  There are many facets involved in reaching a goal of value that is satisfactory to the owner and allows them to exit on their terms.  Of course, chief among these is a well established… Read more »

Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)

I spent last week on the “Magnificent Mile” in downtown Chicago. It’s a great place to visit, with an abundance of good eateries, trendy clothing stores, upscale hotels, and really impressive architecture. Sadly, I spent far too little time enjoying what Chicago has to offer. It so happens that just off of Michigan Avenue, beneath… Read more »