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The NBA Values Accurate Information

small_100070729When we think of measurements, metrics, and key data, the National Basketball Association is not what usually comes to mind.  However, in a recent article in the January 2014 Men’s Journal, Mike Rubin discusses a new sport tracking system that is being used throughout the league.  This is his description of the data that will be instantly tracked; “Tracking every pass including free-throw assists (passes that led to a player being fouled), secondary or “hockey” assists (passes to the passer that got credit for an assist), and securing the most rebounds in traffic and who’s creating the most rebound chances. …

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Consistency is a Must

Curt Simmons was an outstanding pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and in particular 1964.  In writing about him, David Halberstam said, “He was a manager’s dream-six or seven quality innings on every start, a pitcher who performed well even when he did not have his best stuff (Halberstam, p. 242).”  Curt Simmons was consistent.…

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Business Appraisers Concerned About Economic Uncertainty

According to the business appraiser respondents included in the 2014 Pepperdine Capital Market Report, domestic economic uncertainty is the most important issue facing private-held businesses today. The survey, deployed in October 2013, indicated that the appraisers also believe that government regulation and taxes are significant issues facing the privately-held business sector.…

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