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Let me Ask you a Question

small_5261419415I was intrigued by an article in the April 2014 issue of Inc. magazine entitled “35 Great Questions”.  Asking the right question, and then forcing yourself to consider the correct answer or answers, is absolutely critical to business survival if subsequent action takes place.

Even before I begin my work with business owners, asking the right questions is essential to uncovering the true needs of their business. …

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Improvement is Always Possible

small_4350685550Brian Downing was a Major League Baseball player from 1973-1992.  In his first two years, he only hit .225 and .240.  He did not appear to be the kind of player that would have a great career nor one that would be very long.  However; Bill James later ranked Brian Downing as the 38th best Left Fielder of all time. …

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