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Keep it Fun

Every business moves through certain stages during the course of its existence.  The time period of each phase varies depending on many factors that confront the company.

In his book, Predictable Success, Les McKeown identifies seven stages of growth and decline through which every organization progresses (McKeown, p.16).  One of the early stages he identifies as “Fun.”   This is the stage where the company is taking on customers at a rapid pace and sales are increasing. …

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Enduring Companies

In a recent Inc. magazine article, Jason Fried wrote concerning private companies that had been in business for a long time, at least 25 years.  One of the points of his article is that those who are aspiring to have great companies should look to these companies that have stood the test of time for “inspiration and insight (Fried, p.56).”  When I think of companies like these, the word that comes to mind is endurance. …

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