Month: June 2015


Discipline Sign On Wall

There is a trait that every successful business owner has and that reverberates throughout his company.   It is the quality of discipline.  Merriam-Webster’s on-line dictionary  defines  discipline as, “to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control.”  How does discipline appear in a successful company? The business owner and his team do the… Read more »

A Challenge that Never Goes Away

Challenge Of Climbing A Mountain

Each day brings us various challenges that must be dealt with,  usually in order of priority.  The challenges we face are unique to each individual depending on their life’s circumstances except for one.   That one challenge that we all face is the most effective use of time. How we use our time determines our effectiveness… Read more »

P|E|A|K Radio Over the E.D.G.E. Asks a B2B CFO on Corporate Efficiency

Peak Radio Over The E.D.G.E.

P|E|A|K Radio Over the E.D.G.E. recently interviewed Keith Simmons, partner at B2B CFO, about the corporate efficiency. This power-packed show deep dives in to the importance of corporate efficiency, revealing its significance to the future of your business, and helps those wanting to know where to go for assistance.   Listeners will hear: Understanding how company… Read more »