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How Large is your Gap?

3568557961_2a4a242135_mOne of my main goals as I work with my clients is to assist them in having positive cash flow and becoming cash rich.  Companies that are cash rich are prepared for virtually all unexpected crises and strong economic downturns.  Make no mistake, there are continual cycles in the economy and the next severe downturn could be just around the corner. …

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A Quality Found in Winners

5663338134_08f94d00ff_mDavid Crockett was visiting New York.  On his visit to City Hall he was introduced to the mayor of the city and was told that he had been a tanner.  Concerning this Crockett wrote, “that pleased me; for I thought both him and me had clumb up a long way from where we had started:  and it is truly said, ‘Honor and fame from no condition rise.’  It’s the grit(emphasis mine) of a fellow that makes the man(Crockett, p.181-182).”

Webster’s on-line dictionary defines grit as , “mental toughness and courage, firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.”  Certainly in his own life Crockett greatly exhibited this quality eventually even dying for the cause of independence at The Alamo. …

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