Month: October 2016

Sales Quality

Three areas for sales quality

Company A and Company B currently have identical sales numbers.  However, there is a big difference in having equal sales from a numbers standpoint and what the quality of those sales are to each business.  The quality of the sales is much more important to the financial strength of the business and the potential value. … Read more »

How to Know It’s Time to Hire a CFO

There was a time when a chief financial officer was responsible for little more than overseeing a company’s accounting functions and reporting financial data to the other C-level executives. Today, a CFO is more likely to be more involved in shaping the company’s strategy for future growth, focusing on the big picture rather than the… Read more »

What Is A CFO And What Does A CFO Do?

Smaller companies (e.g., under 50 employees) may not give thought to adding additional executive firepower to their team given the perceived cost. This is an understandable choice for businesses that want to limit overhead and keep operating expenses low. But in some cases, a business needs the expertise provided by senior level talent in order… Read more »

Teams Win

While describing the 1989 Detroit Pistons, Isiah Thomas had this to say about that team. “Lots of times, on our team, you can’t tell who the best player in the game was.  ‘Cause everybody did something good.  That’s what makes us so good.  The other team has to worry about stopping eight or nine people… Read more »