Attaining a Goal

small_8907711It’s October, one of my favorite months of the year.  I love the fall season with the crisp, cool air and the beauty of the changing leaves. It is also that time of the year that is the start of the Major League Baseball playoffs that will lead to the eventual World Series champion, the goal of every team.  In my opinion, one of the greatest accomplishments in the sports world is winning the World Series.  The World Series champion will have gone through an off-season of trade decisions and drafts of new players, extensive spring training, a grueling 162 game season with all of its ups and downs, and finally a playoff series with the top teams from both leagues.  It is truly an awesome accomplishment, and business owners can learn much in achieving goals for their companies.

  • Have One Major Goal Each Year. It may be to increase the value of a company by a certain dollar amount, obtain a specific sale and profit goal, increase market share or a host of other targets vital to the health of the business.
  • Prepare in the Pre-Season. This means having a strategy and plan in place before the year begins.  The plan should address all strategic areas of the business.  It must include a financial budget by month and quarter with key targets and deadlines that actual results can be measured against.
  • Make Changes as Necessary. There will be cycles of ups and downs for every company as the year progresses.  Companies must make changes quickly when veering off of key targets.
  • Stay Focused on the One Major Goal. It is so easy to let the daily grind of problems become distractions.  Business owners must continually remind themselves and their people of the major goal and the rewards that come from its achievement.


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