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Prepare to Sell-Now!

Larry Reinharz of Woodbridge International said, “If you have the majority of your net worth in your company and you are past the 7th inning of your earning years, timing the sales is crucial to your financial well being. The biggest mistake we’ve seen business owners make is waiting too long to sell. They do… Read more »

Another Level

Many of us at one time or another have referred to someone as being on “another level”.  This term first became very real to me in sports.  Many years ago I spent much time playing recreational sports, particularly basketball and tennis.  I usually played against people with skills similar to mine but on rare occasion… Read more »

On-Going Due Diligence

Due Diligence On Display

Virtually every business owner that goes through an eventual sale of their company will encounter a process known as due diligence.   A technical definition of due diligence is “research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction (Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary).”  Any potential buyer of a company will perform an… Read more »

Purpose of a Forecast

Weather Report On Television

According to Merriam-Webster’s on-line dictionary a forecast means, “to calculate or predict (some future event or condition) usually as a result of study and analysis of available pertinent data; especially:  to predict (weather conditions) on the basis of correlated meteorological observations.”  We all know the importance of weather forecasts.  Although not always one hundred percent accurate,… Read more »

George Washington and Your Company’s Value

George Washington Crossing The Delaware

A primary goal of every business owner should be to maximize the value of their company.  There are several key characteristics that companies of high and increasing value exhibit; however, it begins with excellent management and a skilled team.  How do you know if a company has excellent management and a skilled team?   There is… Read more »

Let me Ask you a Question

I was intrigued by an article in the April 2014 issue of Inc. magazine entitled “35 Great Questions”.  Asking the right question, and then forcing yourself to consider the correct answer or answers, is absolutely critical to business survival if subsequent action takes place. Even before I begin my work with business owners, asking the… Read more »

Improvement is Always Possible

Brian Downing was a Major League Baseball player from 1973-1992.  In his first two years, he only hit .225 and .240.  He did not appear to be the kind of player that would have a great career nor one that would be very long.  However; Bill James later ranked Brian Downing as the 38th best… Read more »

The Match Game

One of my favorite TV game shows when I was growing up was a show called The Match Game, hosted by Gene Rayburn.  Two pairs of contestants would try to match celebrity’s answers to questions.  In business, it is crucial that business owners also play a “match game” in order to manage their companies properly. … Read more »

What are your Standards?

Webster’s on-line dictionary defines a standard as “a level of quality, achievement, etc. that is considered acceptable or desirable”.  Each of us, as individuals, has a certain level of standard to which we strive to hold ourselves in many areas of our lives.  Hopefully, these standards are high level, important priorities that cause us to… Read more »