Merriam-Webster’s on-line dictionary defines encouragement as “something that makes someone more determined, hopeful, or confident.”  If your life has been like mine, there have been numerous times when a word of encouragement has made all the difference to you and enabled you to continue to pursue or achieve a difficult goal.  Many of those words of encouragement may have come from various sources; a parent, spouse, child, trusted friend, teacher, and many others.  Each of those who provided encouragement probably did not realize just how valuable their words were and the major difference they made in our lives.

Business owners and company leaders are in a unique position to greatly impact the lives of others through words of encouragement that simply cannot be measured in terms of dollars. There are two groups that come to mind in which company leaders are in a unique position to change lives of others through encouragement.

  • Your People– Your team constantly needs words of encouragement from you.  Life is tough and changes are constant.  Your employees need to know every single day that they are doing something worthwhile and that what they do matters.  Not only are they trying to help your business achieve its goals, but many have families that they must support and lead.  Your constant encouragement keeps their hopes and dreams alive and their energy levels up to face each day with enthusiasm and determination.
  • Your Customers– Yes, you can greatly encourage your customers.  How?  By your presence!  Depending on your customer base and size, you may not be able to see each of your customers face to face; however, where possible, you and your top managers should strive to be in your customer’s presence, especially through difficult times, personal or business.  This shows that you care for more than just business.  The rewards are much greater than monetary value.

Strive to be different in this “dog eat dog” world and give encouragement to your people and your customers.

Remember, most of the very important things in life are not related to money.

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