Interview With Ivie Burns

I have known Ivie Burns for over ten years.  Ivie is a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.  He is completely committed to his client’s financial welfare.  More importantly, Ivie is a person of integrity and highly skilled in his area of expertise.  I had the privilege of recently interviewing Ivie.  Below are some questions and his responses.  I am sure the information will be useful and informative to my readers.


Tell me about your ideal client.

We work with individuals, families, businesses and non-profits to implement a financial plan and invest their assets with a tactical investment asset allocation  process.   The client’s normally have investable assets of $250,000 or greater.


How long have you been practicing as a financial advisor?

I am a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and I have been in this business for 19 years.


What is your basic philosophy toward growing and preserving your client’s portfolio?

The investment program that I manage will invest in underlying Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) or (individual securities) spanning all the major world asset classes  including equities, bonds, real estate, commodities and currencies.  The Fund will utilize a relative strength approach with strict risk management controls to actively  manage the Fund’s  portfolio in an attempt to control downside losses and protect capital.  The wide diversification coupled with prudent portfolio management may allow  for the Fund to perform in any economic environment.


Let me ask you a couple of practical questions.  First, how would you determine how much of a client’s portfolio should be in stocks vs. bonds?

 Age: 0 – 40 –  Constraints –   Growth – 0% – 95%
Fixed Income/Cash Equivalent 5% – 100%
Age: 41- 50 – Constraints –   Growth – 0% – 75%
Fixed Income/Cash Equivalent 5% – 100%
Age: 51- 60 – Constraints –   Growth – 0% – 50%
Fixed Income/Cash Equivalent 5% – 100%
Age: 61-      – Constraints –   Growth – 0% – 25%
Fixed Income/Cash Equivalent 5% – 100%


What assumptions do you use when calculating retirement plan projections?

As a general rule of thumb-

During the accumulation/savings year, I would assume a 8% rate of return, while assuming a 2% inflation rate.

During retirement, I would assume an annual withdrawal rate on assets around the 3% – 5% of principal.

In order to be more exact for my client’s, I utilize Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s – Life View Financial planning program.
The LifeView Financial Goal Analysis, is a financial planning tool that answers the financial “what if’s” in your life.  LifeView Plus SM Financial Goal Analysis is a tool that  allows me to create custom reports that help clients identify ways to achieve their goals – such as investing for retirement, education funding and major purchases.

To learn more about Ivie Burns and how his services may provide value to you, please refer to his website at –



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