Interview With Kevin Wax of Wax Family Printing

I have had the privilege through a local senior level networking group of getting to know Kevin Wax of Wax Family Printing (  Kevin is a person of integrity,  a genuine leader,  and a marvelous example for the people at his company and to those who know him.  I recently interviewed Kevin and I believe you will gain great value from his answers.

  • The tough economic times have been hard on printing companies.  Can you tell me how your company has survived and continues to thrive in this environment?


Many printing companies have not been able to adjust to new technology and emerging global competitors. We’ve focused on helping our customers communicate. Our mission statement says that we will help our customers communicated correctly from concept to completion. You will notice that the word “printing” is not in that statement. That’s because we recognize that our real mission is to help our clients get the word out to their own people, their prospects and customers about what they are working hard to accomplish.


  • What is unique about Wax Family Printing?


We are a business printer. As a small business ourselves, we instinctively know the challenges that most businesses face. We’ve been around since dad started the company in 1966, so we’ve been blessed with the good favor of our customers for many years. Unlike many printers, we design, we print, and we mail. By combining these three phases in to one seamless transition, we can save our clients time and money and frustration. We also offer website design, so all of your graphic needs can be met at one place.


  • I know you are very focused on your goals.  What are the importance of goals and planning in achieving your business objectives?


I constantly set, make and reset goals. It’s a daily process with me. On the daily side, I’m concerned with making an accurate To-Do list and then actually doing the list. On the weekly aspect of goal setting, I work with two of my sons and our sales rep to help them make their goals. On the monthly part of goal setting, I make it a habit to set at least six accomplishments that I need to complete to keep my life in balance and my company working hard to help our customers. Someone said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Goal setting is how I plan. General Patton said that a good plan executed violently today is better than a perfect plan put into action next week. Our bias should be towards action; my dad printed 100,000’s of small Get it Done TODAY cards when he was still working with us here at the shop. He despised procrastination and really created the culture of the company for success. A sense of urgency in keeping our promises and accomplishing our goals is so important!


  • How can Wax Family Printing help a business owner achieve their goals?


Can’t see the forest for all the trees? We can help you reset and reorganize your priorities as they pertain to visual communications. We help customers with internal communications to their people. We help customers identify and communicate to prospects that fit a profitable profile. We also help our customers retain good profitable customers. These types of communication help our customers cut through the haze of day to day operations and focus on what’s most important.


  • You take great pride in the people on your team.  Can you tell me something about your people and how they assist your company in reaching it potential?


The team at Wax Family is amazing. Our Production Manager of 15 years recently went in to the ministry full time. His older brother had been serving as his assistant for the last three years. He stepped right in and we haven’t missed a beat. Our sales rep, Jeff Carlton, started with us January 2, 1998 and he’s still going strong. He’s well known in the community and does a great job representing us. We are a very tight group and work well together. We’re blessed to be able to serve our customers together each step of the way.


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