Making the Complex Simple

Many years ago a business colleague of mine made a statement that all business is actually very simple.  At the time I had not nearly as much experience that I now have; however, his statement did not seem accurate to me.  Now, after many years of experience and working with many different companies in various industries, I know that his statement was inaccurate.  I have learned that some businesses are indeed simple and very straight forward.  On the other hand, there are businesses and industries that are extremely complex.  Factors that affect profitability, cash flow, and growth in these industries challenge their business owners, and come at them from all directions every day.  In handling complex business, one of the keys to success is to strive to make the complex simple.  A good start is to implement the following three steps.

  • Take Time to Think– The busyness and urgent matters that hit business owners every day can trap and engulf them in competing priorities. This prevents them from seeing the big picture and focusing on the proper solutions to most pressing issues in the company.  In order to do this, the owner must take time to think. When you do this you are tapping what Brian Tracy says is your most precious resource, your mind.  “Your most precious resource is your mind.  Your ability to think, plan, decide, and take action is the most powerful force for good in your life(Tracy, p.59).”
  • Write it Down– As you take the time to tap that precious resource of thinking, write down on paper your thoughts and plans. Many thoughts in the mind can get jumbled up but pulling those thoughts out and writing them down makes everything more simple and straight forward.
  • Take Action– Once the thinking takes place and your thoughts are written, then take at least one action that moves your business in the direction you want it to go.  Suddenly, what seemed complex and difficult becomes achievable simply by taking action on your thoughts and plans.

Business challenges can be varied and complex but taking regular time to think, write it down, and take action will simplify your business and your life.

*Tracy, Brian (2002), Focal Point

photo credit: Intelllectual Property Innovation via photopin (license)

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