There seems to be a constant barrage of news concerning Millennials, and how to effectively market and interact with this group.  I have read articles and attended a seminar with the stated purpose of learning how to market effectively to this class of individuals.  The Millennials are usually defined as those individuals born between the mid-1980s to the early 2000s.  While the Millennial generation was indeed brought up in a unique era, the same can be said for every generation.  There is no doubt that there are different marketing tactics that work better with these different classes; however, in my work with business owners and influencers across all spectrums, the following actions always work and earn the trust of others.

  • Listening– Everyone wants to be heard, really heard. Business owners have daily problems and hurdles.  Anyone attempting to assist them cannot know what those issues are unless they stay silent and listen deeply to fully understand.
  • Kindness– This world and its challenges can be a cold, cruel place on occasion. When folks are really listened to and treated with kindness, courtesy, and respect, they respond.  What should be a normal character trait becomes a trait of value because it is so rare.
  • Make their Priorities your Priorities– When others are listened to deeply and treated with kindness, courtesy and respect, then they will reveal accurately the problems and issues they are trying to solve. When those issues are known, make them your priorities as well as you assist them.

While technical inventions and innovations have changed dramatically during the last one hundred years, human nature has not changed.  Regardless of the generation that is being marketed to, you will always been ahead of your competition, if you exceed them in really listening, exhibiting kindness, and making their priorities your top priorities.

photo credit: Great Political Cartoon From the Houston Chronicle via photopin (license)


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