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My Goals For Every Business Owner

Dec 22Danny Windsor

I create goals for every company with whom I am privileged to work.  These goals are specific and are aligned with the business owner’s goals, as I bring financial clarity to them.   However; I have a set of more generic goals for all of my clients that remain the same and never change.  Allow me to share these with you.

  • To assist the company in achieving and maintaining positive cash flow.
  • To maintain a profit margin that improves from year to year and meets or exceeds industry standards.
  • To make each company less dependent on debt or to become debt free.
  • To help each company achieve such a solid financial base and working capital position that if additional financing is sought for research or market development, it can be attained quickly and easily.
  • To enable the company owner to lead and grow the company and not be concerned with administrative trivia and financial infrastructure weaknesses.
  • Finally, to help the company be constantly market ready so that maximum value can be received by the business owner when they exit.


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