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Goals to Increase Value

Increased value

Brian Tracy said, “Your goals are the measurable objectives you must attain to fulfill your mission and purpose and realize your vision.  They are the targets you aim at.  Each goal must include performance measures, or benchmarks.  These numbers allow you to clearly determine whether you are moving closer to your goals or further away(Tracy,… Read more »

Know Your Numbers

Key numbers

I was recently watching a video of a speech given by Marcus Lemonis, known for his appearances on CNBC’s, The Profit.  In this show, Lemonis assists companies who are struggling and need help,  often putting his own money into the business.  If you have watched any of the episodes of The Profit, you know that… Read more »

Nine Rules for Obtaining Growth Financing

Whether it’s the entrepreneur looking for start-up capital, the owner of the small business looking for growth capital, the CEO looking for acquisition capital, or the company founder looking to recapitalize for an eventual exit, there are certain rules which, if followed, will dramatically increase the likelihood of success. Many of these rules may seem… Read more »