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Sales Quality

Three areas for sales quality

Company A and Company B currently have identical sales numbers.  However, there is a big difference in having equal sales from a numbers standpoint and what the quality of those sales are to each business.  The quality of the sales is much more important to the financial strength of the business and the potential value. … Read more »

Three Reasons Business Owners Need a CFO

Is it time for your business to invest in a chief financial officer (CFO)? Many entrepreneurs wait far too long because they assume that their company should be generating a specific amount of revenue first. They don’t realize that bringing an experienced CFO on board early can help them make bigger profits by managing their… Read more »

Build a Winning Organization

“It wasn’t the shot that captivated me, however.  It was the pass from Michael that led to the pass from Scottie that led to the pass from Horace that led to the shot.  That sequence of passes would never have happened if we hadn’t spent all those months and years not only mastering all of… Read more »

Grow Your People

The most valuable asset for any successful organization is the quality of the people on its team.  Growing companies need growing people.  Even though everyone is different with various skill sets and talent, the very best companies help their people maximize their abilities and consequently, their contribution to the success of the business.  Effective companies… Read more »