Two Business Lessons from the Governor

I recently attended an American Heart Association event in Nashville where one of the keynote speakers was the honorable Bill Haslam, Governor of the State of Tennessee.  While discussing the state of Tennessee and the health of its citizens as compared to other states, Governor Haslam discussed two important points that are absolutely vital for every business owner to practice.

  1. Define reality using metrics.  By metrics he simply meant a standard of measurement.  In other words, when measured accurately, what do the statistics and numbers tell about the health of Tennessee’s citizens.  Governor Haslam emphasized that before any problem concerning the health of Tennessee’s citizens can be solved or improved, decision makers have to know that an actual problem exists and the extent of the problem.  Then and only then can plans be made to correct the situation.
  2. Once reality is defined, do something about it quickly.  Knowing a problem exists and delaying corrective action usually will result in very little progress.  As Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone said in their classic book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, “Do It Now!”  Do it now is the secret of getting things done!

As a business owner, you should be continually defining reality by using metrics that tell you in clear terms the health status of your company.  You should then be using what the metrics tell you to take corrective action in areas of weakness or continued emphasis in areas of strength.  I can tell you from experience, business owners who take this seriously succeed and those who ignore these two principals often fail.  Take Governor Haslam’s advice and strengthen your business.

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