Wei Around the World Update 2

Since we last checked in with Wei Chen and “The Memphis Wei”, the Memphis entrepreneur has progressed nicely on his journey around the world making stops in:

Dundee City, Scotland;Bournemouth, England; Paris, France; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Milan and Rome, Italy; Athens, Greece; Limassol, Cyprus; Dubai, UAE; Muscat, Oman; Kolkata, India and, arriving on 6/28 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Chen experienced few problems along the way. There were strong winds while landing in Dundee City, a flat tire on 6/2, a side trip to the Socata factory in in Tarbes, France to deal with a minor mechanical problem and a high plane temperature issue while flying over the Arabian sea and through Pakistan. While spending four days in Dubai for rest, Chen made a side trip to the Paris Air Show as a guest of Socata, the manufacturer of The Memphis Wei.

Chen is right on schedule to complete his journey around the world on July 30 when he is scheduled to land back in Memphis.

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