Wei Around the World Update

Nine days into his quest to fly around the world, Wei Chen has made it to Paris while facing only minor challenges along the way. Leaving Memphis on Sunday, May 22 in his single engine plane, The Memphis Wei, the first stop on the long journey was Washington DC. After an overnight layover, it was off to Toronto on May 23 and to Quebec City, Canada Wednesday, May 25. This is where Chen experienced his first delay of the trip. Scheduled to fly to Greenland, volcanic ash closed airporst in Iceland and air space in Greenland and Iceland. Fortunately, the ash cleared and Chen was able to fly to Narsarsuaq, Greenland on Friday, May 27, where he met 28 degree temps and a nights stay in the airport due to no hotel rooms being available in the area. On Saturday, The Memphis Wei made its way to Reykjavik, Iceland and then to Dundee City, Scotland on Sunday, landing in 50 knot winds. On Monday, Chen flew to Paris where he is spending a few days for sightseeing.

So far so good for Wei Around the World as Chen is right on schedule. Next stops in the next 10 days include Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Milan and Rome, Italy and Athens, Greece.

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